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The MH2001 is a 5-in-1 Hi-Fi S-XBS wireless headphone, which can let you listen to audio or music from all sorts of devices such as TV, PC, MP3, CD, DVD players without disturbing others in both wired and wireless configurations. Built-in FM radio design allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations. It also can act as an excellent audio-chat tool while surfing. Besides, it has a wireless monitoring function for convenient to care for the baby, old people and sick people. With high quality and easy to use, it is a beautiful Hi-Fi wireless Headphone for choice.


Model: MH2001.
Color: Black.
Shell material: Hard plastic.
100% brand new and high quality 5-in-1 Hi-Fi S-XBS wireless headphone.

Wireless Headphone

Wireless reception from any electrical device with audio output such as full-channel TV sound, PC, game player, DVD player, VCD player, audio device, MP3 player, CD player, etc.
Wireless Net Chat:
It is a perfect audio-chat tool, providing you endless enjoyment.
Wireless Monitoring
Place the emitter near baby, old people and sick people who need care, and the sound of the cared people can be heard with the receiver, for natural care.

FM Radio:

The headset can be used as an FM radio separately, search and lock channels automatically.

Wired Headphone

Equipped with audio cable, the receiver can be used as a wired headphone.
High sensitivity, interference resistance, strong signal, outstanding performance, effective range over 8m, and reception beyond obstacle of wall.
Equipped with a comfortable ear pad so that you can wear them for hours on end.


Receiver (Headphone)
Distortion: ≤2%
Reception Mode: FM
Frequency Range: 86MHz for the wireless headphone, and 87-108MHz for FM radio.
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA batteries (not included).


Modulation mode: FM
Built-in microphone
Emission Distance: 30m (with no interference).
Emission Frequency: 86MHz ± 0.5MHz.
Power Supply: 2 * AAA batteries or DC4.5V (not included).

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