Interactive Fetch Ball Training Machine

Brand: Oberlo

Product Code: DL5118N13RJCB14UTM

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Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispenser Dog. Suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

HOW TO PLAY: Dog picks it up in his mouth, place the ball above the entrance, the ball comes out, and the snacks come out, offering the dog a reward. Toys can help pet molar, healthy and clean teeth, and improve the dog's intelligence development, make the dog more lively. Reduce dog vandalism, protect your home's shoes, socks, sheets, and sofa.

SIZE: 6.3"x6.3"x7.9"/16x16x20cm. Tennis size: 2.8cm/7cm. The ball comes out mouth: 3"/7.5cm. Food comes out mouth: 1"/2.5cm.