Automatic Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser

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Touch-free Infrared Sanitizer, built with super sensitive red radiation sensor, more efficiently and much quicker to get liquid soap.

High-efficiency automatic soap dispenser, save money while no waste caused with Sunsbell dispenser! 4*1.5V AA batteries(batteries not include) battery powered dispenser, up to 20,000 working times.
Innovative non-drip design to prevent messy drips and avoid unnecessary waste. Wide opening for easy refills, as well.

Hand washing has the following health benefits:
1. Helps minimize the spread of influenza
2. Diarrhea prevention
3. Avoiding respiratory infections
4. A preventive measure for infant deaths at their home birth deliveries
5. Improved hand washing practices have been shown to lead to small improvements in the length growth in children under five years of age

Sunsbell no-touch automatic hand soap dispenser helps eliminate the millions of germs that your hands can pick up each day. It automatically senses hands and dispenses just the right amount of soap.

1. Make sure the place you want to place the dispenser, the sensor system is at the bottom of the container; please keep 50cm free space at least under the sensor system.
2. Slide the fixing plate out of the dispenser, use this plate as a template to mark three drill spots.
3. Drill two 5mm holes, and then insert the plastic plugs.
4. Fix the plate on the wall with two screws then slide the dispenser in the dish.
5. Insert 4pcs"AA" batteries into the battery compartment according to the diagram indication.
6. Open the container lid.
7. Fill in liquid.
8. Turn the switch on.

Dimension: 11*10*16.5cm / 4.3*3.9*6.5"
Capacity: 600ml
Liquid dosage: 0.8-1ml
Unit weight: 0.425kg / 15oz
Plastic material: ABS, AS
Battery type: 4pcs 1.5V "A" alkaline
Rated volt: DC 6V
Static current: 60uA
Work current: 120mA
Sensor range: 0~8cm
Low battery indication: 4.2V